Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Playdough Experiment Gone Wrong. *gulp*

For the past few months, Shayne has been watching many videos on "How to make Playdough" (on top of his usual trains and bus videos). So one night, we decided to make our very own playdough! It seemed pretty easy. All we needed were just flour, warm water and oil. I thought it would be a fairly simple DIY project, but boy was I wrong.

Firstly, Shayne and I poured the flour into a big container. Next, I proceeded to pour the warm water while he stirred the mixture diligently. Soon, we successfully created a big gooey dough-like mixture! :D We were elated and started kneeding the dough mixture with our bare hands. Soon, I realised that we needed more warm water, so I told Shayne to continue kneeding the dough while I went to the kitchen to grab some water.

And when I returned back to Shayne, this is what I saw:

Flour was all over the floor, on his clothes and his lap! Gaaahhhhh.

At this point of time, I kinda felt helpless and exasperated, so the only thing I could do was to snap a few photos of him and the flour. It kinda calmed me down (after I saw how silly he looked in those photos), and I told him sternly not to move or play with anymore flour. I rushed to the kitchen to grab some wet towels and when I returned back to Shayne...

There was an even BIGGER MESS! He was actually "swimming" in flour!!! Flour was ALL OVER the floor. He was lying face-flat on the floor, and his arms and legs were moving rapidly, as if he was swimming. Of course, I didn't snap any photos at this moment as I was really furious. I told him to stop doing whatever he was doing, and to go straight to the bathroom. Needless to say, Shayne went to the bathroom and Papa cleaned him up.

So that was how our DIY playdough project ended. From an innocent bowl-stirring mixture, to a BIG white mess on the floor. Come to think of it, it was a pretty hilarious moment. Hahaha. (But honestly, I hope this doesn't happen again. But then again...with kids, you'll never know. You have to expect the unexpected from them, at all times. Eeeks.)

Btw here are 2 candid photos of Shayne which I snapped over the weekend. Have a great day and I hope your house is flour-free! :D

Our little BMX rider ;)
kid does harlem shake
Doing the Harlem Shake! (Haha ok, he was actually just hopping around the house.)


  1. yikes..
    reminds me of the time I looked away from my box of flour for a second and D decided to get in, grab a few fistfuls and an aim it right at my when I turned back..

  2. Oh boy, those are the fun parenting moments, huh? ;) Like you need more clean-up work to do! Well, at least you tried to do something fun. :)

  3. Ohh how fun, what a nice mess for you to clean up haha, oh well at least he had fun! I used to love making playdough but it never got that messy haha.


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