Sunday, March 3, 2013

What we did on a Sunday!

These were taken a few weeks ago. And as you can see, we went to the airport, again. It's Shayne favourite indoor place-to-be. He loves the airport because he gets to sit on the skytrain several times, which transports people from one terminal to the another, and he loves to play with his mini toy cars at the toy shop. He just really loves hanging out at the airport, just like how we girls love to hang out at shopping malls. Haha.

Nonetheless, here's what we did on that Sunday!

(Cheeky) Shayne and I :)
An Angry Birds Tree/ Spaceship. Is it just me, or does this look really out of place? I don't get what it is. Hmmm...

That's him pretending that the 'train door' was closing. Haha.

Entering the 3 storey indoor slide!
And here comes our happy boy!
A reflection selfie.
Munching on a piece of bread.

After the airport trip // Playing at our neighbour's front gate, he was pretending that he was on a train.
"Hey mama, stop taking photos of me!"
Shayne's favourite rug/mat (from ikea).

And that was what we did on a Sunday! Hope you had a great weekend with your loved ones! :)


  1. he is sooo adorable!
    and that is so fun! love this.


  2. It's great to have nice options for Shayne so he doesn't get bored and interacts too. I love the installations in the first two pictures :)
    May you have a nice week!

  3. looks like he had a blast! so many fun things.

  4. wow! looks like a great sunday with the family! xoxo

  5. what a pretty flower display!

  6. What a fun day! Your little guy is seriously the cutest thing ever! Love him! xoxo Carla

  7. Looks like you guys had fun! :-)

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