Friday, March 8, 2013

What we did on a Thursday!

Papa and I didn't have to work last Thursday, so we decided to have a family outing on that day! We usually go out on weekends, so it was nice to hang out on a weekday. A day when there's lesser people in malls and everywhere else as they're either busy working or studying in schools.

So here you go! Here are a few photos of what we did last Thursday:

cheeky boy
My boy and I ;D
food display
Lots of food!!! Yummm....
Mussel in white wine butter sauce. It was sooooo good.
Pretending to be a on bus, again.
cute boy
Upclose :))
Can you spot the little mosquite bite? :(
"Hey Papa, come back! Don't walk so fast!"
"Hmph you didn't wait for me. Why did you have to walk so fast?" (He was saying something along those lines at that time. Haha.)
singapore airport train
There were actually a couple of empty seats, but he insisted on standing and holding onto the poles. He likes to act like a serious grown-up man in the bus or train. Haha.
.....Deep in thoughts....

changi airport
Standing on the top of world, feeling like a boss! ;D
A mini rock-climber.
Erm is that little girl at the left-side looking at my handphone-camera? Haha. Girls are always so observant when it comes to cameras. ;)
Can you spot Papa and Shayne in the tunnel slide? Clue: do you see a black silhouette in the middle of the photo? ;)
funny father and son photo
Shayne was chasing after Papa, again. Haha, poor Shayne.
one sided hair
And...this selfie was taken after we returned home, while I was waiting for Papa and Shayne to finish bathing. I was bored and decided to see how I would look like if I shaved off only one side of my hair, hence the hair flip as seen above. The one-side shaved hair has been a trend among ladies for quite sometime. Maybe I should give it a try one day? ;)


  1. Oh so lovely and cute the little boy. Sweetie you have a really cute blog
    now I´m following you I hope your follow me back.



  2. It looks like you had a wonderful Thursday! Such special family time. :-)

  3. Thanks for your visit! I would love a September 10th birthday :)


  4. this place is so awesome, i miss being a baby!

  5. How fun to have a family day... those mussels look amazing. I hope you enjoyed them. and I LOVE your selfie--- so pretty!

  6. Dear i like your blog!!If you want you can follow me on bloggers and pinterest!

  7. I hate crowds, and I live outings where no one's out! Looks Ike a good time!


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