Saturday, March 16, 2013

What's going on lately? (in 30 photos! Woohoo!)

Recent Instagram photo of us.
(my account is happymariee, let's be IG friends? ;))

Cheers to the weekend
Friends for 9 years :)
Serious little reader.
Shayne's drawing. A multi-coloured cat ;)
The black lines are "ants" (according to Shayne).
Happy smiles! #motherandson
Serious little writer.
DIY red-cracked nails. Remember how popular they used to be back then?
My sweet boy :)
....Sleepy boy....
Pouty lips :*
Rise and Shine little one!
It's lego night!
Laughing at his own joke. He was laughing so hard at that time :D

Shayne (in yellow) and his new friends :)
My 2 super-heroes! Woohoo

Pretending to be on a crowded train.
That's Papa at work. Check out his silly face ;D
How our bedroom looks like during the day.
Someone's acting cool... #swag
Cutest mohawk bed-hair ;)

Another weekend selfie :D
Serious little learner.
The sticker cupboard!

One of my favourite photos of Shayne :)
Can you spot his messy scribbles?
Told him to smile for the camera, and he purposely smiles at the opposite direction. Haha. It's still a smile nonetheless. :D

 And that wraps up our "What's going on lately" post! Have a happy weekend everyone! 

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  1. Always gorgeous!!
    You have a beautiful family!
    Happy weekend :)

  2. you are so beautiful! and your little man sure loves to play with legos! ^_^

  3. I applause the effort you put into documenting your family life Marie. I wish I am that great when I have a child :) My favorite pictures are the colored cat by Shayne (that kid knows some color theory) and the quote by Charles Spurgeon (so true) and of course all the pictures of little Shayne (serious vs. giggy - such an artist).
    May your Sunday be bright and the new week even more interesting than this one :)

  4. Lovely photos! Your boy is adorable and you're gorgeous.
    I'm following you now if you'd like to do the same :)

  5. your baby is super cute <3


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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