Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The three of us are going to Disneyland this coming September (yayyyy!!!!) and Shayne has been getting real excited about it! :D So last Thursday night, after we returned home from work, Papa showed Shayne some fun videos on Disneyland, including the various roller-coaster rides. Shayne asked Papa if he was tall enough to sit on the rides, and after a quick search on Google, we found out that a child has to be above 1.2m to be able to sit on most of the rides. Hence Papa quickly took out his measuring tape and started measuring Shayne :

Check out Shayne's face while he's being measured. Hahaha!
boy's ootd
"Papa am I tall enough??"

Unfortunately, Shayne is a little too short for the rides. So, taking advantage of this, we told Shayne that he has to eat more and sleep earlier so that he's able to grow taller. Haha! Let's just hope that he's able to do that. ;)

Anyways here are more photos taken that night, while both Papa and Shayne were chatting about Disneyland :

Shayne: "Do I need to be this tall?"
Papa: "Yup, you need to be this tall!"
Watching Disneyland videos together.
happy father
Seems like Papa is getting excited over Disneyland too!
A Hug from Papa :)
ikea mat

So engrossed in the video.

men formal wear

Mini vehicles, parked beside an elevator.
Shayne's feet is even smaller than Papa's palm.
kids fashion
What Shayne wore to bed. (He chooses his own clothes and this is what he chose that night.)
upclose face
Baby soft cheeks and long eyelashes <3
cute feet
Random photo of Shayne's cute little feet! Ok good night, can't wait for September! ;D


  1. oh my goodness i am so jealous!!! you will make so many wonderful memories at disney! have the best time!!!


  2. We went to Disneyland in March! You can never be too old for that place! He looks so excited! He is going to have the time of his life! What a great time to be a kid (and a parent ) ;)

  3. Those pictures are just adorable. Will you come and be my personal photographer? Lol. I want cute pictures of Josie like the ones you take of Shayne.

    You guys will have SO much fun in Disneyland! Especially with a stoked little kid!


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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