Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What we did on a Saturday! Just the 2 of us.

These photos were taken last Saturday, the only day when I get to spend an entire day with my dearest Shayne. Papa works 7 days a week (Monday to Sunday) while I work 6 days a week (Monday to Friday, and Sunday). So every minute and moment we get to spend with Shayne is an added bonus to us! :) Anyways, we usually spend time with Shayne, just the 3 of us, on Sunday afternoon or evenings after work. We're still adapting to our second learning centre, which was just opened recently, and I hope that once things are more settled down, we'll get to spend more time with our dearest boy.

So here are some photos taken last Saturday! I got to spend the morning with Shayne at home, and we later went to a shopping mall for lunch and some window-shopping. ;)

kids wear
Shayne's outfit-of-the-day: an ABC shirt ;)
One of his toy bus...
which has been destroyed by him. :/ He purposely cut an opening and told me to tape it like that. He said "it's better for the passengers." Wondering what was he thinking at that time. Haha.
cute boy

kids fashion
Lots of ABCs, written all over Shayne. :D
cute fingers
Packing all his legos aka "passengers" into the bus.
Making sure all his passengers fit into the bus neatly...
ikea mat
And it seems like he's pretty pleased with it! Haha.
big eyes
Soon, it was 11am and it was time for us to head out!
"All onboard the train!"
Hahaha he was pretending that the train was really packed, and he had to squeeze among all the passengers. He's at an age where he's obsessed with buses and trains. Wonder how long it will last...
serious kid
"Time to alight. No more pushing please." (He said something along those lines.)
mother and son
Our outfits-of-the-day! #motherandson
funny boy
After an hour or so, we decided to return home and this was taken when we were reaching home. Shayne saw something which made him gasp, and presto! I took a photo of his shocked expression just in time. Haha.

Ok this may sound kinda cheesy and sappy, but when I took the above photo, I suddenly felt a rush of different emotions. From "Wow he looks so big and tall now" to "Where is my babyboy???" Shayne is now an independent young boy, with his own mind, thoughts and opinions. He's no longer a baby, he's a young boy. All ready to take on the world.*insert bittersweet feeling*

You know... when Shayne was a newborn, I always wondered what he'll be like in a few years time. Will he still be as perfect as he was when he was a baby? And you know what, the answer is Yes. He's still perfect to me, in every single way. Up till this day, he is, and will forever be, my perfect miracle.


i love you
To the boy who calls me Mama <3


  1. awww this is beautiful. I love your dress by the way ! It's gorgeous, and my daughter would love that rug you have in your house that Shayne is playing on. glad oyu guys enjoyed a great day together.

  2. love this pics and also your blog! It's so nice!!! ! I'm thinking, if you want, we can follow each other! It would be great!!
    xoxo Gloria

  3. Too adorable! I actually just posted! I can't wait to see what you think about my outfit ;)!

    Come by soon!


  4. your baby is so cute <3


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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