Wednesday, April 17, 2013


A few nights ago, Shayne decided to wear his Stitch outfit to bed and I had to take a photo of it! Ok, I had to take photos of it. Haha. He looked so adorable and when he wore the outfit, it kinda reminded me of his back-then baby days....

( Note: there's many photos of Shayne in his Stitch outfit. I wanted to reduce them to only 3 or 4 photos, but I didn't know which ones to choose from! So here are all of the photos... )

lilo and stitch


cute pjyamas

Soon he got sleepy....
And a little grumpy :/
This is my favourite photo of Shayne (for the week). It looks as though he is crawling about like a baby, right? :D Miss those baby days..... (he was actually just picking up some pieces of lego and I happened to snap a photo of him doing that. haha.)

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