Monday, April 8, 2013

Our Weekend in 20 photos!

We had a simple weekend. Papa, Shayne and I took a longggg nap (which lasted for 3 hours!), went out for dinner at a nearby mall, and returned home after that. That's all. It was a pretty simple Sunday, but we still enjoyed each other's company. :))

Anyways here are some photos of our simple Sunday. Hope you had a lovely time with our family and/or friends too!

what i wore
Shayne's outfit-of-the-day
ikea road mat
Playing with his toy cars and legos on his favourite mat ;)
ice-cream truck

After his bath, hence the change of clothes
Pretending that he's on a "crowded India train" :D

He told me to push him back in as he was falling off the train. Haha!
Back of Shayne's kid-sized chair
Children's karoke!
kid's ootd
"Doors are opening! Please mind the platform gap." (He told me to repeat this again and again... -_-)
Listening carefully to the train's announcements.
After a few minutes, he got tired of being on a "crowded India train" and decided to play with his toys again...
A children's book on different jobs. I found it really informative and useful. *thumbs up*
The Electrician column kinda cracked me up: "Best thing about it: Turning on the lights!" ;D
Peek of our kitchen's wall.


Here are 4 selfies of myself! :D :D I was really bored and had a camera in my hand, so it led to this smiling photo-taking session:

1: The normal smile
blue eyes asian
2: The very happy wide smile!
3: Back to the normal smile
tribal top
4: The one-sided hair smile! #end


  1. You're adorable. And OOH, that play mat is awesome. :) Bet Mateo would go crazy with something like that.

  2. Your skin face is so cute and beautiful!
    your little boy is lovely1



Thank you for your lovely comment!

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