Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What we did on a Tuesday Night.

Last night, we came back from work and Shayne was still super awake at that time. So, Papa decided to teach him his spelling words as he has a spelling test this coming Friday. The words to be tested are "land" and "water". Sometimes he does remember how to spell them, but sometimes, he totally forgets them. Oh well... there's still 2 more days to Friday, hopefully he remembers the words by then. *fingers crossed*

Although Shayne's only four and a half years old, he already has spelling tests in his pre-school. His little classmates, including Shayne, are learning so much in school, and sometimes I'm kinda shocked by it. For example, he has already learnt photosynthesis in his pre-school! He knows that all plants need "air, water and sunlight" to survive. Kids are really getting smarter these days....

Nonetheless, here are the photos taken last night! (Warning: this post is filled with lots of photos of our Shayne-Shayne.)

cute t-shirt for boys
That's Shayne getting ready to learn his spelling words. Let's go!

Listening to Papa, who was spelling out the words
Practising his spelling with Papa

boy's ootd
Soon, he got a little distracted...
kids wear
and started to become really excited while learning the words. Haha.
striped t-shirt
But one minute later, he's back to being a serious diligent learner.
Soon, it got quite uncomfortable for Papa and Shayne to write on the floor, hence they changed their "location".
father and son fashion
That's Papa teaching Shayne his spelling words :)

boy's fashion
As you can see, Shayne soon "vandalised" his paper with lots of smiling faces. :/
Shayne, Big Barney, and Little Barney ;)
A wide grin :D
After a good 30 to 45 minutes of studying, he got bored and restless. And it was time for him to sleep! :)

black skinny pants
So that pretty much sums up our Tuesday night; teaching our boy his spelling words. Let's just hope that he remembers how to spell the words 'land' and 'water' on Friday, during his test. Ok, good night peeps! #randomphoto #workingpantsandlegos

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  1. what a lovely photos <3

  2. Wow, he is so smart and has learned so much for such a young age!

  3. Oh my!Your son is such a beautiful little prince!And he is so lucky to have parents who love him sooo much..
    I will follow his adventures through your blog!
    Thank you for your kind comment on my photos.
    Have a lovely day!

  4. Your son is absolutely adorable! You must be so proud of him. He looks like he's super excited to learn! :) I love it when fathers take the time to invest in their children. Your son (even though he may not think it now) is going to remember these special times forever.

    Amanda|Living in Another Language

  5. What a colorful Tuesday night you had:)
    Ps. love the colors on your toes!:)

  6. so cuuute! i love seeing your family photos like this. it makes me so excited for when i have kids too :)

    ps checking out that swim shop!

  7. Hi! Just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say you have such a cute family! I can't wait till my little guy is at that age!


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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