Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I've been suffering from a constant headache for a few days in a row, and it's getting annoying. I think I'm kinda over-worked and just a little stressed? Oh well.. I need to take a break soon, but I can't now. I just can't. I think I've got the workaholic bug from my mum, she's a real workaholic.

Anyways enough of me and my headaches. I'm taking a short 10 minute break to blog about what Papa and Shayne did! So Papa and Shayne were playing one night, and I decided to snap a few photos of them while they were playing with each other. Basically the game goes like this: Shayne will pass the big ball to Papa and he will immediately run away before Papa throws the ball at him. Don't worry,  the ball is actually very light-weight, so Shayne will definitely not get injured if it lands on him. ;D

my son
Passing the ball to Papa,
my home
and running away before it lands on him. Haha!
Pushing Papa away. He was really excited at that time, he was screaming and laughing so hard.
:D :D :D
After a while, both of them got really tired and decided to take a rest.
Tired and looking so flushed from all the running and playing.
cute fashion
Trying his best to rip open the plastic wrapper! Check out the determined pursed lips and face. Haha.
happy egg
Shayne and his happy sunny side-up singlet! Kids have the cutest clothes, don't they? ;)  

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