Wednesday, May 29, 2013


This happened last Sunday, at Sentosa.

We were walking past a snake charmer with 2 of his snakes and I asked Shayne casually, "Would you like to hold that snake and take a photo with it?" Surprisingly, he said "Okay" and even walked forward to the Indian snake charmer! Papa and I were stunned, and Papa even asked him, "Shayne, are you scared of the python?" Again, to our surprise, Shayne wasn't scared of it at all, not even a tiny bit.

The snake charmer placed the python gently over Shayne's neck, and Shayne was really calm about it. He behaved as though he had touched and held snakes before! Needless to say, everyone immediately noticed our small boy with a snake. They stopped in their tracks and stared in awe at him. Some even took photos, while others whispered to each other in shock. There were about 20 to 30 people staring at him and after a minute, Shayne got uncomfortable with all of the attention from the strangers. (and unfortunately didn't smile during the photo-taking session...)

Nonetheless, it was quite an experience for the three of us, especially Shayne. When we left the snake booth, he kept asking why everyone was so scared of the snake. Haha. He's at the age where he's kinda fearless (ok, actually very fearless) and would try anything under the sun. I never in my wildest dream would expect to have a child who is so brave and willing to hold a snake, much less a python, and even allow it to be draped over his neck, without any hesitation. There's this brave little soul underneath the small physical exterior of my boy, which I'll never fully comprehend. Haha.

So here are the photos of Shayne and the snake!

Time to return the snake to its owner...
Goodbye Snake!
As you can see, Shayne didn't smile in the photos as everyone was staring at him and he felt really uncomfortable at the sudden attention. Haha.

Ok I will upload the other photos of our Sunday's outing at Sentosa soon.  And I still can't believe Shayne held that python so calmly! Our little brave snake charmer. ;)


  1. oh my, that snake is bigger than your son! *_* so scary!

  2. oh my gosh that looks so scary!!


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  3. Aaaah! Look at how brave he is! I would be terrified to even let my kid do this, ha ha! So you BOTH are brave!
    Such CUTE pictures!


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