Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Day We Wore...

Stripes! Shayne and I decided to wear our blue stripes shirts that day. ;)

Anyways, last 2 Sundays ago, we had a family outing at the..... Airport. Yup, again. It was pouring on that day, and we had nowhere to go except somewhere indoors. Shayne suggested going to the airport (no surprise there...) and he had a blast. He made some new friends and as usual, had lots of fun with them. :D
(btw I'm so happy that it wasn't raining yesterday! Woohoo! Finally, we went somewhere outdoors on a Sunday, and it was Mother's day too! Outdoors + Mother's Day = The Perfect Day. I shall upload those mother's day photos soon.)

So here are the photos of what we did last 2 Sundays ago :

blue contacts
A quick selfie snap before leaving home
blue contacts
bmx kid bike
a photo of Shayne in the morning, before we left for the airport.
boy ootd
Caught him day-dreaming while he was playing with his toy cars.
Getting so big // Big boy feet and shoes.
kids ootd
Next, Colouring time!
Drawing a long train...
kids ootd
Cute outfits ;D
playing with water
Soon, Shayne got bored of colouring and decided to play with these 2 boys. They're actually twins and they were splashing water from the mini fountain. Shayne got a little irritated by them. Haha.
kids fashion

tomika bus
Hi Bendy-bus! And it's time for dinner!
stripes ootd
I've no idea what's going on here....
weird camera effect
And here. Hahaha. We look like we're time travellers or something.
Shayne's spaghetti! His favourite food ;)
Lemon Butter Sauce Mussels! Time to dig in!
After our dinner, Shayne decided to play with his new friends. So, Papa and I sat down and decided to rest our full tummies. Haha, such pigs.
Sliding down the slope!

singapore airport
Hahaha this was a funny moment. That aunty kept talking to Shayne and patted his head a few times. Shayne didn't know what to do, and just smiled at her. Haha.
boys playing
Playing with his new friends! :D
Discussing how the chasing game works....
and off they gooo!

Holding hands and being best friends. (for 30 minutes, haha.)
changi airport
Know what's so special about that poster that Shayne is pointing to? It's actually made of legos! Pretty amazing, right? :) (btw we changed Shayne's shirt because he was so sweaty after all that playing and running around, hence the different yellow shirt. just in case you're wondering ;))
changi airport terminal 3
Last stop of the day : The indoor playground.
changi airport kids
This totally melted my heart. That small little boy was walking up the stairs cautiously, and Shayne kept holding his shoulder and guided him up the stairs carefully and slowly. :))
Pretending to be a bus conductor!
indoor playground
Bus Conductor gone wild. Haha.
So that basically sums up our day at the airport! As you can see, Shayne had the most fun while Papa and I chatted about our business and family life. Nonetheless, it still was a good day well-spent! :)

And erm, here are some random photos of my outfit-of-the-day (stripes and denim) :

casual ootd
3. Say...
happy me

And Happy (belated) Mother's Day to all ladies out there, especially to my very own mother who raised us up all by herself. <3


  1. You're so beautiful!



  2. Happy Mother's Day! I am absolutely obsessed with stripes, so I love your outfits!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  3. Happy Mother´s Day sweetie your looks really lovely and cute!
    Looks like an seventeen girl!


  4. Love those blue shoes!



Thank you for your lovely comment!

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