Friday, June 21, 2013

Our Father's Day 2013: Cheers!

Whew it has been nearly a week since I've last blogged about our family! Papa and I have been really busy lately, mainly due to our work. We've been working 12 hours a day, and are so exhausted by the time we return home that we just flop onto our beds and sleep. (ok after we have bathed. haha.)

There's so much that I wanna blog about- from the recent haze situation (which just ridiculously worsens day by day) to Shayne's education. I shall find some time to blog about these topics soon.

Anyways I'm sneaking in some time before work to update about our Father's Day 2013! :D It was a special day for Papa, and we decided to celebrate the special occasion at Clarke Quay. Initially, we wanted to have dinner and hang out at Brewerkz (which serves the best self-brewed beers and chicken quesadillas. Yum!) But Shayne insisted on not going to that pub/restaurant. He said "it's too big and I'm scared". -_-

So, we walked around the different pubs/restaurants at Clarke Quay, and finally, Shayne chose to have dinner at a small outdoor pub/restaurant. We had pizza and drinks, and we all agreed that the freshly-made pizza was fantastic! It was a great choice by our little Shayne. ;)

Here are some of the photos of our Father's Day evening/night :

A quick selfie before we left home
brown hair
same photo, but in vintage effect ;)
summer dress
My dress/outfit of the day: crochet details at the waist. And it's time to leave home!
Papa and Shayne, walking towards Clarke Quay....
and finally, we've reached! Yay!

clarke quay

father son
Papa calling out to Shayne to grab hold of his hand, but Shayne was too scared to move forward. Haha.
Papa and Shayne (who is completely mesmerized by the boats...)
summer ootd
A tourist-y photo of the Singapore River and I :D
clarke quay pubs
So after checking out Brewerkz (which Shayne didn't want to enter in), we walked around the different pubs at Clarke Quay...
and finally settled at an outdoor pub/restaurant which serves great hand-made pizzas! :)

mother son
While waiting for our pizza to be made
Checking out a video (can you guess what kind of video we were watching?)
samsung note 1
We were watching his favourite Lego video! All boys love legos, don't they? ;)
Shayne has that "what in the world are they building..?" kind of face. Haha.
Our pizza has arrived!!! YUMMMM.

This was taken 30mins after the pizza had arrived, and Shayne had 2 big slices already. He was getting quite restless, so we decided to let him view more Lego videos. Don't worry, he does have good table manners; he doesn't use our handphone while he's eating. :)
Another "what in the world are they building...?" face from Shayne. Haha.

clarke quay, happy
 The only family photo that we managed to capture that night. Check out Shayne's Spiderman pose ;D
Papa and Spiderman-Shayne!

boys ootd
 Time passed quickly and soon, it was time for us to return home...

father's day
Once again, Happy Father's Day Papa! We love you very very much, and can't wait to spend the next father's day with you again. Love! :)


  1. Beautiful photos! Your family is too cute!

  2. That pizza looks delicious! Happy belated Father's day :)

  3. ah, what a fun excursion! i love your *touristy* photo by the river! i'd love to visit singapore!

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  5. i loe your selfie! so cute :)
    sounds like such a fun fathers day too!

    The DayLee Journal

  6. Então feliz dias dos pais para vocês! ( já que aqui no Brasil ele só ocorre na segunda semana de Agosto)


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