Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Last Sunday afternoon, we decided to visit Sentosa and...

We had a blast! :D :D :D We visited the SEA Aquarium, sat on the Skyride and Luge a couple of times, and did a little walking around Sentosa. We were there from noon to nine pm, and Shayne even skipped his usual afternoon nap that day. Thankfully, he behaved really well that day and did not throw any sudden tantrums. Whew. You know how kids can get a little cranky and grumpy if they miss their usual daily nap? Haha. We were lucky that Shayne still had so much energy despite waking up early that morning for his usual Sunday bible studies class. I guess you're never tired when you're having fun. ;)

So here are some of the photos of our Funday Sunday! (I've realised that many people are using the phrase 'Funday Sunday' so I've decided to jump into the bandwagon too. Haha.)

3 excited Amigos! (btw that's Shayne doing his Spiderman hand pose. You can catch him doing that same pose in the other photos too. Haha. Boys...)
We discovered a cave. // Shayne's Spiderman hand pose!

Inside the cave...
"Look, Mama can be Spiderman too!" -me
"No... there can only be one Spiderman!" - displeased Shayne
Walking in a straight line :D

Checking out the directory of Sentosa.
Check out the cable-cars behind us! // Bunny-ears for Shayne ;D
The one and only Casino in Singapore! (Of course we didn't enter in the Casino.. we took a quick snap and left the place.)
Soon, we left a part of the island via the Monorail. Shayne was ecstatic to be on the Monorail. Haha. He's in love with buses, trains and Spiderman.
Hahahaha failed mother-and-son photo.
A slightly better photo of us, as Shayne was distracted by the Tram.
Happy Shayne and the Tram.
No idea what's going on here....
Soon, it was time to take the.....

SKYRIDE!!! We're on top of the world! Woohooo ;D
Byebye Land. // View from the back.

Happy Shayne :)
Bunny-ears for Papa! (and another Spiderman pose from Shayne. Haha.)
Silly poses with Shayne ;)
My boy and I // "We are so high up!" -Shayne

That's the Luge ride "cars"
Shayne looks as though he's rocking out at a rock concert. Hahaha!
Shayne was anxiously waiting for his turn to ride the Luge, and kept giving thumbs up to random strangers. :D

Unfortunately, I didn't snap any photos of us playing the Luge ride. However, we took the Luge a couple of months ago, and you can see those photos here. It's definitely one of the highlights of Sentosa, and I can't wait to sit on it again!

Last but not least, here's a photo of Papa and Shayne outside the SEA Aquarium. It is such an amazing and biggg indoor aquarium!

I'll try my best to upload the other Aquarium photos soon, hopefully by this week. It's going to be a busy month for Papa and I. We have work from 9am-9pm, 12 hours a day, with only a 30 minutes break in between. Eeeks.

Anyways, Part 2 of our Sunday's outing will be coming up real soon! Hope you had a great weekend with your loved ones too.


  1. I love multiple things about this post. First you outfit is seriously perfect! Second, I love that Shayne thinks he is Spiderman and last, I adore the picture of the three of you. Hon you have a cute little family!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Lovely family moments <3 ! Spiderman is Great !


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