Thursday, June 6, 2013


So here are more photos of our Funday Sunday outing! (part 1 can be found here.) After the Skyride and Luge rides, we decided to visit the SEA Aquarium to view the beautiful sea creatures and fishes.

Standing outside Universal Studios!

Papa and Shayne <3
Hello Mr Chocolate! ;)
A day of fun and excitement :D
Random photo taken by Papa :/

6pm: We decided to visit the....

Shayne was so excited over the fishes above him. Haha!
The 3 of us // My family <3 (btw Shayne was attempting to jump out of my lap to view the fishes..)
The Aquarium is HUGEEEE! Definitely worth the 20bucks to enter in. It was breath-taking and spectacular, and I've never seen so many sea creatures closeup in my life before.

Can you spot the different sharks?
Closeup of the Sleeping Shark.
Sleeping like a boss!

It was quite uncomfortable initially, knowing that the aquarium was also right beneath our feet, but we got used to it eventually. :D

Air, Water and Fishes.

Hello Mr Cutie!

When 2 worlds collide: Shayne and the curious octopus. :)
So many tiny blue fishes!
Can you guess what are these sea creatures?
Have you made your guess yet? ;)
Yup, they're dolphins! They were "talking" and playing with one another during that time. :)
My loves <3
Next stop: Jellyfishes!

A school of fishes swimming...
us. Bye bye fishes.

It was such a good and well-spent Sunday. We visited the SEA Aquarium, took the Skyride and Luge ride several times, and even toured Sentosa via the tram and monorail. Furthermore, the weather was perfect. Papa and I agreed that it was definitely one of the best Sundays we had in a long while. :)

Till then Sentosa! We'll miss you.


  1. I LOVE aquariums! There's something magical about seeing a world under the surface that we normally wouldn't see. This one looks rad. Glad you had a fun outing!

  2. That tunnel thing is so cool! What a cool idea. I'm loving the Mr. Chocolate guy too, haha I love that he's throwing the peace sign.


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