Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A love letter to my 2 soul-mates. (A love like no other...)

Thoughts on a silent and still night.

Your not-so-tiny boyish fingers press against my cheeks in the middle night, while I gaze at you in amazement and wonder to myself how fortunate I am to be in your life. To be chosen as your mama, as you teach me so much more about life through the appreciation of the simple things that life has to offer.

Your expression of awe and innocence towards everything in life, such as trees and flowers, grabs me every time. Your pair of dark-brown eyes light up in the dark, just before you fall into a deep slumber, as you eagerly fill me on your daily activities. You tell me stories of what you did at your pre-school, and sometimes you give out a deep chuckle in between your conversation. The sweet young laughter and endless babble coming from you, is the sound of heaven right here in our home. 

Before you sleep, there is chaos everywhere in the living room. Pieces of Legos, toy trains, buses and cars are scattered everywhere on the floor. Occasionally, there are even crumbs of potato chips or biscuits lying on the dining table. But among all the mess, these actually are daily reminders to me that this is a home shared between people who love one another, and not a soul-less house. There are crumbs of food on the  dining table because you had offered your snacks to Papa and I, and the 3 of us ate together, smiling and chatting the night away before we headed to bed. A bed that is never too small for the 3 of us. 

As I see the both of you fast asleep, side by side together, as your dreams intertwined together as one in the middle of the night, I truly hope that my love for the both of you will never fade away. A love that will only grow stronger and stronger day by day, as time slips us by. There is an unmistakable sense that my life is full, and it is full of love, hope and joy. Both of you may never know how much my love has grown, to be blessed by two souls who has touched and changed my life in so many ways I've never imagined it to be. 

So as I lay here in bed, surrounded by the two kindest (and funniest) souls, I thank my lucky stars before I join the both of you in a deep slumber. May our love, our love for each other, never cease. Our love is a symbol of strength and unity, and it will only grow stronger in every crisis faced together. Our love as a family of three is what keeps me alive, and inspires me to be a better person every single waking day. It's everything to me, as I hold it tightly across my chest and keep it locked in my heart. At this very moment, at the age of 25, I can strongly say that I have felt love like I've never before.  

Our love is forever and timeless. It's the air, ocean and land. And it's the voice amidst the craziness and silences of our lives. May our love lasts a lifetime, and forever more.

the luckiest girl on Earth.

/ps: I've realised that I have not been writing much on life and motherhood lately. I will probably be writing more often on this blog of ours- more posts on life, motherhood, and other personal thoughts which usually runs through my mind in the middle of the night. Till then, ciao! Good night.


  1. This is such a sweet post. =)


  2. This is so sweet! You have a gorgeous family.

  3. Aww your family is adorable!! What a great blog you have!!


  4. Nice post sweets.....
    may be we can follow each other..!!
    Keep in touch

  5. You are too cute! I love these!



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