Saturday, July 20, 2013


What we did on a Sunday!

Last Sunday evening, before we headed to Ikea, we drove and passed by an outdoor game area for young children. Of course, we had to get down and explore the area. We wanted to take more rides, but it was quite costly ($4 per ride!) and Shayne wasn't in the best mood for fun adventurous games at that time. He kept telling us that we had to get to Ikea before it closes for the day. Haha, our anxious little boy.

After exploring the rides, Shayne decided to try the "plane ride" and he was the "pilot" of a small red helicopter! The ride was pretty thrilling. At first, the planes would move continuously in a circle, at the same level, and soon within a minute, the planes would suddenly go highhh up and move really quickly! 

Shayne looked terrified and worried when the planes were high up and moving quickly. Thankfully, he held on tight and didn't cry or make a sudden jump out of the plane. Haha, that would have been rather horrifying. The ride lasted for about 2-3 minutes, and Shayne was grinning from ear to ear when he alighted from the red helicopter. We asked him if he was scared during the peak of the ride, and he said "No". Haha! (He was so trying to act tough...) And we asked him if he wanted to ride it again, and he firmly said "No". Next time perhaps, Shayne? ;)

Nonetheless, here are some photos of Shayne, "the pilot", and the planes!

gap kids
Our excited boy
gap kids

All ready for take off!
Zooming past us!
And high up it goes!!!
That's Shayne in the red helicopter. ;)

After the short ride, we decided to continue our journey to Ikea. And soon, we arrived at Ikea with hungry empty stomachs. It was time for dinner!

An advantage of having a child or children: Getting priority seats in restaurants! (and priority parking space at carparks. Woot woot.)
sg ikea
There's a small play area, located inside the restaurant, for kids to play while their parents had their meal. Luckily, it wasn't too crowded.
Restless Shayne after his play and dinner. He wanted to explore Ikea as soon as possible.
Playing with 2 other children. Love the girl's pink tutu skirt. :D
Busy cooking up a storm at the kitchen. Seems like they were discussing their recipes.. Haha.

So that was what we did last Sunday. Hope you had a good time with your family too. And it's now time for the weekend, Yay!

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  1. shayne is GETTING SO BIG! I loved reading about his experience on the ride, little boys are so cute.


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