Thursday, August 29, 2013

Food tastes better when you eat it with your family. :)

Here are 3 different sets of photos, taken during our family dinners. Hope you had a great dinner with your loved ones too!

Dinner #1: Korean food
Distracted Shayne and I. He was forming a "train track" with the chopsticks.
And our meal arrives!! Time to stir-fry all the meat, mushrooms and vegetables together.
Hmmm it was so yummy.
Shayne got excited and started tir-frying everything again and again. Haha.
Sitting across this handsome man. ;)
"Oooo is that real?"

Dinner #2: Indian food
Shayne ate 2 BIG roti pratas and kept burping after the meal. Papa and I had naans with many different sauces and they were so good!

Dinner #3: Indian food, again. :D
Stuffing a big piece into his mouth! 
Shayne and I. He was so engrossed in his prata and didn't bother to smile for the camera at all. All boys are like that, right? Food over photos? Haha.

"Whaaatt? No more prata??"

Shayne has been loving roti pratas recently, and he would eat 3 to 5 pratas in a day! That's a lot for a boy like him, considering that he doesn't have a huge appetite or stomach to begin with. I used to LOVE pratas when I was young too, they're soooo tasty. Watching him enjoy his pratas is like watching myself loving them when I was much younger, I would gobble them down without any hesitation too. Haha, those good childhood days. ;)


  1. watching your baby love things that you have loved is the best ever!! so precious. although i have never had a prata!


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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