Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Papa and I recently bought for Shayne his first very own "luggage" for our upcoming overseas trip, and he was over the moon when he received it. Initally, we wanted to get a proper child's luggage for him, but we decided not to as most of them are rather costly and kinda too big for him. Nonetheless, the schoolbag-with-wheels is a perfect replacement for a kid's luggage and Shayne was thrilled to receive it! He kept stuffing in his soft toys and books, and told us that he's "ready to go to hongkong". :D

For the past few days and nights, Shayne has been dragging his luggage with him whenever he's at home and has been pretending to be a passenger in an airport terminal. Haha our excited boy. Here are a few photos of Shayne and his small luggage:

thomas and friends bag
Packing his books into his "Thomas and his friends" luggage. We chose this as Shayne is obsessed with trains. ;)
All ready for our hongkong trip!
happy boy

bmx kids

excited kid
So happy and excited :D
11pm: time for this tired boy to sleep.

More photos of Shayne getting ready for Disneyland can be found here.

The 3 of us will be flying off to Hongkong in 15 days' time and we're beyond ecstatic. This will be Shayne's first time to Hongkong and we'll definitely bring him to Hongkong's Disneyland. I've been Disneyland once when I was 13, and can't wait to go back to Disneyland after all these years. Hopefully the weather will be fine during our trip, fingers crossed! ;)

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