Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Have you ever rode on a life-size Lego Pony? :D

Last Sunday, we had dinner at a nearby shopping centre and it was Shayne's lucky day because......

There was a Lego-event / play area for all of the kids! He got to play with so many legos, and even met a few life-sized lego figurines. He sat on life-sized lego animals, a motorcycle and also met the lego-man! Here are some photos of Shayne and his lego friends. ;)

lego pony
Riding on the adorable pony made out of legos!
lego pony

lego pony
Checking the sides of the pony...
lego pony
and he pats the pony's head, as if it's real. :)
lego man

lego man
"Oh hey Mr. Lego man, nice to meet you!"

Building a lego building.
lego lion
Seems like he's massaging the lion's head? Haha :D

Last but not least, here's a photo which I snapped during the afternoon, before we headed out for dinner. Shayne is exactly the same height as the pole, and a wave of emotions rushed over me after I snapped these photos. Shayne is growing up so quickly, and I really do hope that he will be ready and well-prepared for the upcoming school years ahead of him. Education in Singapore is one of the toughest in the world, and sometimes I feel nervous when I think of the road that lies ahead of him. A mother's worry for her child never ends, does it? 
boy's ootd
My boy, who will turn 5 in about two weeks' time. Time flies so quickly, especially when you're raising a child AND trying to find out who you truly are in this big big world...

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