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Shayne had a pre-national day celebration with his schoolmates, friends and teachers this morning. It was a fun-filled morning, with lots of games and activities for the young ones. Every child was dressed in red top and white shorts/pants and it was a sea of little reds. Haha. During the last few minutes of the celebration, parents were invited to participate in a game and of course, Papa joined in the game! :D

So here are some (ok many...) photos of Shayne and his friends. Enjoy!

sg national day
Shayne and his good friend, Darun.
happy kids
Shayne and his happy friends :)
Before the games started, everyone had to sing the national anthem and a few national day songs. After about 30 minutes or so, Shayne got quite restless and bored. Ooops.
Waiting for the games to begin... (hello shayne!)
And the games begin! First round, a simple game for the Playgroup (3 years old).

After a few minutes, it was time for the Nursery kids to play!

Look at that boy's face. Hahaha! So funny and cheeky.

Next, the K1 kids! Here they were listening attentively to their teacher's instructions.
I video-recorded the part where Shayne was playing, I might upload it soon. :)
Last but not least, the K2 kids! Their game was the most fun and it was very entertaining to watch. :D

Hop hop hop!

Soon, the games for all of the young kids were over...
A friend talking to Shayne.
We thought it was time for the kids to return back to school...but we had a surprise- a surprise game for all parents! Shayne held his Papa's hands and together, they went forward and participated in the game.
The game? The children had to throw some balls, and the parents had to catch them using their nets!
Everyone was so excited at that time, the children and even teachers were shrieking and laughing away. (Look at Papa's excited face. Haha!)
After the parents' game, it was time for the young ones to return to their school...

holding hands

A surprised Shayne, and his friend who is busy shooting at nothing in particular. Haha, kids...

Tired/happy faces.
After 2 hours of fun-filled activities, everyone returned to their school while waving their national flags.
happy national day
Can you spot smiling Shayne? ;)
happy birthday singapore
Shayne's national day outfit- the colours of our Singapore flag, red and white! // I'll try to upload the video of Shayne and his friends singing and playing soon, but I'm really lazy when it comes to editing of videos... Zzzz. Btw we're having a staycation at Sentosa till Friday and I can't wait! Hopefully it doesn't rain, because we'll be playing at the beach and the Luge (as usual. haha). 


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