Monday, August 12, 2013


August 2013

once a week, every week, in 2013

(note: this post was actually meant to be published last week, but I forgot to publish it. Oops. So this post is a week late.)

serious boy

boy in pjs
Watching videos on train collisions, hence the serious frown.

dreaming and sleeping
My love, sleeping soundly... (this is the only time when I can take proper portraits of him. I felt really sneaky while snapping these photos. haha.)
red nails

summer ootd
An ootd/reflection selfie, taken during our staycation at Sentosa Cove's OneDegree15 clubhouse. 

Among all of us, Shayne was the one who thoroughly enjoyed his stay at the clubhouse. When we entered the room, he saw the bed and immediately ran towards it. He quickly laid down on it, and released a sigh of happiness. He really did say "Aaahhhh......." with a wide boyish smile on his face. Haha! I will upload photos of our staycation tomorrow, it was really fun. Hope you had a great week too. :)

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