Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Our Zhong Shan (China) Adventure - Part 2

Here are more photos of our China trip! I wanted to post these photos a few days ago, but was swamped with so much work. Furthermore, Papa and I would always use our laptop for work purposes and when we were done, it was already late at night and I was dead tired to edit any photos or update our blog. Anyways, I've managed to sneak in some time while Papa is taking a nap now to update our blog now! ;) So here are more photos of our recent holiday trip. We attended a friend's wedding and did more sight-seeing in China.

formal ootd
Papa and I, before the wedding dinner :)
The captivating view from our hotel room, which is on the 42nd floor of the Hilton Hotel. Ahh! We could see endless buildings, trees, and mountains.

Outfit of the night, and a messy hotel room.
formal outfit
Hey Handsome . ;)
formal outfit
A quick last snap before we left our room for the wedding dinner!
My 2 sweethearts, watching a performance during the wedding.
kids suit and tie

Happy Shayne, in his suit-and-tie. ;)
Standing on his tippy toes, and writing well-wishes for the bride and groom. :)
And little stickman drawing was included too! Haha.
The sand artist. Just one of the few performances during the wedding dinner. It was a pleasant and relaxing dinner, and the food was good too!
After the wedding dinner, we headed back to the room and it was time for bed...
city lights
The city lights at night were so bright and captivating. Definitely a mesmerizing view, and it was so much more beautiful that what our camera could capture.

city lights
Good night China.
high rise buildings
The next day; the day that we head out to Hongkong! Yay! It was the final destination of our holiday.


More views from the 42nd floor... It was really beautiful yet nerve-wrecking to view the world from such a high level. Definitely a view that I'll never forget.
room service

room service
Room service! Salad and fruits for breakfast, and off we go!

Can you guess where are we at...?
We're in a ferry! On the way to Hongkong. ;)

Our view from the ferry, a view that we can never ever see from our homeland (Singapore). There were so many hills and mountains. It was Shayne's first ferry ride and although the ferry ride was quite bumpy, he did not suffer from any motion sickness. That was a big relief to us because we saw a boy, similar to Shayne's age, who puked all over his father's shirt. Thankfully that did not happen to Papa. Whew. Shayne also behaved really well during the entire 1 hour ferry ride. Papa and I always joke with each other that Shayne is the most well-adjusted young traveller whom we had ever come across. ;D
my son

my son
Shayne, watching a tv show, and he doesn't look too happy with it. Hmmm.
happy boy
But after a few minutes, he was back to his usual cheerful self! :D
mother and son
My baby bear and I. He's the best young traveller! I love him to bits. <3

We snapped so many photos of our days and nights in Hongkong, and after so many months of talk, we finally visited Disneyland! Yay! More photos of our Hongkong trip coming up soon. For now, it's back to work (and all its headaches). We need to plan the new schedule for 2014, design new flyers and brochures, plan more activities and courses, design our centres' front doors etc etc. Ahh! I'll upload the remaining Hongkong photos soon. Have a great day!

more photos of our China (Trishaw) trip can be found here.
and more photos of our Sin City trip can be found here and here. ;)

keep calm and travel the world

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