Thursday, September 5, 2013


Our Wednesday Night

In his own little world, playing with his legos.
Releasing all the legos aka passengers from the bus.
kindergarten worksheet
Peek of his English homework (prepared by Papa and me).
kindergarten worksheet
Shayne's homeschooling homework- he completed this worksheet all by himself! :)
flower headband
Back then in the 90's- my elder sis and I at a wedding ceremony. :)
prints ootd
My reflection // ootd.
Serious Shayne, kneading some dough for his "burger".
kneading dough

kneading dough

kids art

kids art

I fall in love with him a little more whenever I gaze at his rosy cheeks and long eyelashes. My sweet boy.
my home
Bedtime books.
Papa sleeping soundly. He has been suffering from coughing fits, shortness of breaths and chest tightening lately. However, he's getting better after taking his medicine these few days. Hopefully he'll fully recover soon. My heart breaks a little whenever I see him coughing furiously away while finding the right moment to speak due to his shortness of breath. :((
On a lighter note, we'll be leaving for our family vacation tomorrow!!! I can't wait to board the aeroplane and see all the bright city lights from high above. Hongkong, here we come! ;)


  1. Love, love all the scattered toys around kiddo toes. Those are the kind of photos I know I'll love looking at in 20 years.


  2. Thanks for the well wishes on my blog! I love these everyday shots - those are going to be the times you want to remember the most :)

  3. Hong Kong sounds like fun-can't wait to see photos from your trip :)

  4. loving your blog, such cute photos!
    Kristin xx


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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