Friday, September 20, 2013

Riding on a Trishaw, IN CHINA!

Our Zhong Shan (China) Adventure- Part 1

After our Macau adventure, we headed to the Macau's checkpoint/customs to enter the mainland of China. Btw check out the adorable old man behind us. Haha, he looks so cute!

At the very crowded customs!!! Most of them were trying to cut queues and oh boy, we waited for nearly 2 hours to pass the checkpoint. Thankfully Shayne was a good boy throughout the entire journey and never even complained once. He's my little trooper!

Finally, we entered the mainland of China! Again, super crowded.
At the Hilton hotel! :D
A quick snap before we left the hotel, at 11pm. We headed out to explore our new surroundings.
While walking around, we saw a trishaw rider and Shayne quickly said that he wanted to ride on one. So we hopped onto the trishaw and the trishaw rider became our tour guide! He brought us around and explained to us the different buildings etc.

The 3 of us on the trishaw. Look at Shayne's nervous/happy expression. Haha!

Some grainy photos of the neighbourhood, taken in the still of night. There was practically no one in the streets, and it was so quiet. But it was definitely a relaxing experience. :)

Shayne and the trishaw rider! He was such a good tour guide. :D

Hahaha cheeky Shayne. We went to the Mcdonalds beside the hotel and had our supper. We were starved after all the exploring.
While waiting for Papa to buy our supper, we decided to snap some photos of ourselves. Check out Shayne's funny expressions! Hahaha :D

It's never a dull moment with this boy of mine. I love him so much. :D
After we had our supper, it was past midnight, and so we decided to call it a day. Back to the hotel!
A reflection of Shayne and all the city lights.
Finally, it was time to sleep as we had to "refuel" our energy for more adventures the next day. Btw we were staying at the 42nd storey and it was quite terrifying to look down from the window. We were so high up, compared to all the other buildings around us! (I've posted 1-2 photos of our view from the 42nd floor on my instagram, and I'll definitely never forget the view.)

I'll upload more photos of our other adventures in China, and lastly, Hongkong soon. It's time to get back to work, and make some major changes to our centres before the new year. Crossing my fingers that everything will turn out well, so that we can welcome 2014 with a big bang! ;D

Have a great weekend! More photos of our holiday trip will be posted soon.

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