Thursday, October 24, 2013


Here are more photos of our Hongkong Disneyland trip in September! The day which we celebrated our boy's 5th birthday. :D
The 3 of us, at Disneyland!

Outside the building of "It's a small world". There were so many tiny cute figurines inside the building:


Toy story.

Lilo and Stitch! Shayne immediately recognised Stitch and kept saying "HELLO STITCH!!" again and again. Haha.

So that's the end of our boat journey in "It's A Small World".  After that, we headed to a nearby musical performance!

Singing and shaking their bum bums ;D 

Notre Dame gave a very touching performance...
This performance was really cool and interesting. The lady was singing behind the projected translucent screen and everything seemed so surreal.
Mr Muscular Tarzan!!! ;) He kept climbing up different ropes at lightning speed and twirled around them continuously. He really does have arms of steel.
Beautyyy and Beassst...
And the Beast changes into a Prince, and sweeps his lady off her feet! Whoosh! :D
Ta daaa! And they lived happily ever after... (btw the lady on the left totally cracks me up, it seems as though she's dancing a whole different cool dance of her own. hahaha.)

And that's the end of the musical performance! *a big round of applause for them! clap clap clap*
It was getting late, and most of the rides and performances were closed by then. Hence, we headed to a gift shop and bought a few Disneyland souvenirs. 
Our printed Disneyland photo, taken by a Disneyland photographer. (this photo was taken after several attempts, hence Shayne's face/smile looks kinda cramped here. haha! but it's still one of my favourite family photos. :))

At the carousel!

Smiling and still having fun at Disneyland after 10 hours! We were there from 10am to 8pm.
Amazed Shayne :D
Last but not least, we saw the grand finale- the FIREWORKS! Disneyland was in pitch black darkness before the fireworks and it was quite spooky. Nonetheless, the fireworks was amazing and definitely loud. Safe to say, it is the best fireworks I've seen in my life.

Disneyland's Fireworks!
Here's a sneak peek of what we did the next day. We went to the top of the mountain, "The Peak", and Shayne was so scared throughout the entire time. (ok a slight confession...I was pretty scared myself too. haha. We were 450 metres high up!) And a little quiz: Can you spot the building featured in Tom Cruise's movie- Mission Impossible 3? ;)

So that's the end of our Disneyland post! We had a blast and it was one of the best family outings I've had. Everything was so new and amazing, and we thoroughly enjoyed every single moment we had at Disneyland. I'll upload the remaining Hongkong photos soon, including our night at "The Peak" as seen above. (i know i know, i never seem to finish our holiday posts, they're just too many photos. eeeks!) Till then, have a great weekend!

/ps: more photos of our Disneyland trip can be found here. enjoy!


  1. I love Disneyland, it is just filled with so much happiness, like you can't be sad there!!

    1. Haha agree! You can never be sad at Disneyland. ;)

  2. All your travel posts with these lovely photos are getting me in the jet setting mood! Looks like y'all had a wonderful trip in one of the happiest places on earth :]

    1. Haha we love travelling and try to explore new countries/places when we're less busy with work and stuff. :)


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