Wednesday, October 2, 2013


 Letting Go, and Learning to Move On.

When something tragic and heart-wrenching happens to you, you wonder how you're going to move on from all the sadness, pain and sorrow that's about to come with each breath you take. You refuse to think about it, and you never want to make room for it in your life. But the truth is, you can't control your thoughts and what comes in and out of your life. You will keep thinking of countless "what ifs" and "what should be". However, honestly, we never really know what to expect from life itself.

So maybe, just maybe, you start to realise that there's nothing else to do but to actually make space for the sorrow in your broken heart. You learn to make room in your life for the horrible and ugly things that you were once afraid of. You tell yourself that you need to accept and even love these changes. These changes are mere obstacles meant to be knocked down by you, so that you'll be able to head into another direction; another path which shows the more beautiful things in life. You learn to love these changes, even though you really don't want to. You learn that they actually serve a purpose, not just in your life, but in the lives of those closely affected by it.

You let the feelings of unhappiness, resentment and anger wave through you and pass. You breathe through them. You learn not to resist them anymore like you used to, and to just let them go. You train yourself to acknowledge these feelings and the unknown. You'll learn to accept the changes, and the feelings and animosity that comes with it. You learn to move on, because life is not meant to be travelled backwards. You will find your happy moments among all the madness and mess, and maybe someday, you'll be happy and free again. Like how you were always meant to be. 

"Smile, even when life gets tough."

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  1. This is written so beautifully.
    Discoverd your blog today , and i love it <3
    Your words inspire !


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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