Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Finally, another update on our blog! Sorry for the blog hiatus- I was so caught up in work and erm, watching of movies. ;D Shayne, Papa and I watched 2 late-night movies last week (Gravity and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2) and they were great! Sandra Bullock acted really well (no surprise there) while the cartoon characters from Cloudy were just so adorable and funny! I'll definitely recommend both movies to anyone who hasn't watched them yet. *big thumbs up*

Anyways, here are more photos of our trip to Hongkong, including our Disneyland photos. There's 60 over photos in this post to make up for the lack of update the past few days/week. Enjoy! ;)

Hongkong buildings
Amazed Shayne. :D
The 3 of us ate delicious wanton noodles before heading out to Disneyland!

During the entire car ride, I kept looking out of the window and thoroughly soaked in and enjoyed the view. We can never get this view of endless green hills and mountains in our homeland (Singapore).

See what I mean? There's so many lush green mountains everywhere. Such a beautiful sight. :)
A family photo! Look at how excited Shayne was. Hahaha, love this silly boy.
Thumbs up from Shayne!
Finally, we've arrived at DISNEYLAND! :D

Posing beside the 5 sign because it was his 5th birthday that day (10th Sept).
A tight hug for my baby boy- my 5 years old baby boy.

Entering Disneyland!

Can you spot Shayne? ;D

HAHAHA! this photos never fails to crack me up.

Twirling and bouncing bumblebees!
At the afternoon parade and all of the children were so excited. Haha.

Hello Tinkerbelle!
One of my favourite cartoon movies of all time- Toy Story! (on a sidenote: Lion King is my number 1 favourite cartoon movie; it will forever be my number 1. Remember the part when Simba the cub was presented to all the animals for the first time? Oh gosh, it was such a majestic and touching moment.) Ok back to Disneyland! Sorry for the off-topic.
See those green soldiers? Those were real people!
Soldiers doing some poppin' dancing moves ;)

Shayne, doing some poppin' dancing moves of his own. ;)

We also took a short boat ride, and Shayne kept asking if there were alligators around us. He was genuinely scared and kept looking around him during the entire ride. Haha this boy.
Some views from our boat ride: 

There were times when I felt that we were in Jurassic Park, and that T-rex would pop out from nowhere.

Tired Shayne, he took a short 30 minutes nap in my arms.

I know, the trees in the middle don't even look real right? They're were so green and beautiful in real life. Everything in Disneyland was 10 times prettier and more magical than real life. *happy sigh*

Anddd that's the end of our Hongkong Part 2 post. More photos of our Disneyland trip, remaining Hongkong photos and recent happy family outings/moments will be uploaded soon. Have a great week! Ciao.


  1. I just got back from Hong Kong (last month). It was my first time, what a beautiful place!

    ~ Bev

  2. What a great day! You guys are always having so many wonderful adventures together as a family :)
    xo TJ

  3. I just stumbled across your blog- hello!
    Awesome pictures- looks like you had a fun time in HK!


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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