Monday, November 11, 2013

Life with my 2 favourite boys! (Our happy moments, in 15 photos.)

Sitting on an outdoors swing with my happy boy :))
...Beautiful sunset...
Super excited Shayne :D

Grocery shopping!

(Shy) Papa and his kiddy ride.
A colourful message spotted at our neighbourhood.

Attempting to touch the letters, but he's still kinda too short.. Haha.
Pretending to be on an airplane and that's about to crash! Hold on tight!!

Tumbling about on the sofa, pretending that the plane has crashed. Haha kids and their imagination...
Shayne's recent Maths achievement. It's a certificate for completing 10 levels on the Mathematical topic on "Sharing" (which is the same as "Grouping").
Last but not least, here's a really boyish portrait of Shayne! He's 5 years old now, and I can't imagine him being in primary school in 2 years time. Gosh, time flies so quickly....

So that's 15 photos of our life recently. I'll upload more photos soon. For now, Papa and I are swamped with work and life responsibilities. Anyways hope you had a great weekend and I'll update this blog space of ours pretty soon! :)

A beautiful quote on family // I love my family so much <3

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