Monday, November 18, 2013

WE'RE GOING ON A SUMMER HOLIDAY! (and 20 more photos of our happy moments- part 2)

My neighbourhood. // We were admiring the view from the rooftop.

Sitting on the swing on a sunny afternoon. // Shayne deep in thoughts.
Me and my happy boy :)

Choosing a toy. Not an easy decision for a kid. ;D
Amazed Shayne. He loves looking at toy vehicles.

A miniature hamburger + fries + coke drink. They're all actually packets of powder and all you have to do is to add water and mix them! Pretty interesting and cool. ;) And the weird thing is that they taste EXACTLY like the real thing! Feels like you're eating a mini burger, fries and drinking coke. Freaky but amazing...
Shayne is 5 years old, but he's still able to sit on the sitting section of the trolley! Haha. Don't worry, it didn't break. But it'll be pretty funny if it did break, considering that he was wearing his BOOM! shirt. Hahaha, ok bad joke.
Give a kid an ice-cream, and he'll be on cloud 9 for the next few minutes. ;)
He loves breaking apart his toy vehicles. He'll always check if there's anything interesting inside his toy  vehicles and loves stuffing bits of paper or lego pieces into the toys, pretending that they're passengers. Haha.

Watching "Gravity" in the cinema theatre. He brought his Stitch along too.
Another in-the-dark cinema photo. Anddd I just got to add this in- you know the part where Sandra Bullock enters the space craft for the first time and removes her bulky space costume, wearing only a tight singlet and really short shorts? Well when that scene came on, Shayne suddenly exclaimed,"Why is she only wearing panties???" Hahaha! It was an awkward but funny moment.

Shayne's End-Of-Year Performance. So proud of my dancing boy!
Worried-looking Shayne with his little frown. 
Papa told Shayne to try some of the exercise equipment but Shayne gave up after a while. He had no idea what to do with those equipment. Haha. This is his "whatever, I give up" amused look.
Watching the telly.
A family photo of the three of us! :D
Last but not least, here's a photo of super excited Shayne and my long arm which reminds me of Mr Tickles from the Mr Men Series. You know, he has such long arms and he loves to tickle everyone. I love the Mr Men and Little Miss series ever since I was a child. Needless to say, Shayne loves reading about them too! ;)

So that's the end of our happy moments, all photos taken during September and October with my precious trusty handphone. More photos of our happy moments can be found here. Right now as I'm typing this, I can't believe that it's November already. In a blink of an eye, it will be 2014! Another brand new year. Anddd we
 will be going to Australia (Gold Coast) for our year-end family vacation tomorrow! Woohoooo! :D

We'll be staying at the tallest tower in Surfer's Paradise, Q1, and it's 80 storeys high!!! E I G H T Y. It's the tallest building in Australia, and the third tallest in the whole world. We'll probably do the skywalk at the rooftop and the thought of it makes me feel all "jelly" and nervous. Nonetheless, I can't wait to check out Gold Coast and all the awesome fun-filled theme parks. Australia, here we come!!! :D

We're all going on a summer holiday 

No more working for a week or two 
Fun and loughter on our summer holiday 
No more worries for me or you 
For a week or two 
We're going where the sun shines brightly 
We're going where the sea is blue 
We've all seen it on the movies 
Now let's see if it's true 
Everybody has a summer holiday 
Doing things wanted to 
So we're going on a summer holiday 
To make our dreams come true 
For me and you 
For me and you

/ps: I can't help but think of this summer holiday song every time I think about our Australia (Gold Coast) trip. It's going to the best summer holiday ever! :D

/ps: We had a fun-filled excursion with our "other children" today. The children had a blast, and everyone had such a good time. There was lots of chatter and laughter all the time. We hope to organise another outing next year again. :) photos of our outing can be found here, here, and here! Enjoy. ;)


  1. What an awesome time to spend together! Love his BOOOM shirt- seems to fit his happy personality!! Such a great time and lovin the joy!

  2. How fun! Those miniature hamburgers are just the cutest!!
    xo TJ

  3. you have a cute family :)
    xx Lara

  4. Love your pictures and what a cute family you have :)

    Cathy Vargas
    Vintage Girls


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