Friday, February 7, 2014

A HAPPY ANNOUNCEMENT! And this makes us a family of... FOUR! :D

Sorry for the months of blogging hiatus! I've been so caught up in work, household chores, life and..... my pregnancy!!! :D :D :D

I'm about 18 weeks now (4 months+) and yes, we do know the gender of the baby. The baby is a..... BOY!!! Woopieee!!!!! :D 

I can't wait for Shayne to play, love and care for his younger sibling. It will be such an honour and privilege to see the both of them growing up together, and I really do hope that they will be the bestest of friends. Shayne will be a BIG brother to his younger brother as they'll be 6 years apart. I've never grown up around boys or men before as my father wasn't around after I turned 2, and I only have my mum and sisters, so I'm so so excited to be surrounded by a family of boys. It'll definitely be double the headache, but double the fun! ;)

All I hope and wish for is that this baby boy in me will grow healthily and be born safe and sound, without any complications. Shayne was an easy boy to deliver, and I really do hope that this boy will be the same too. Ok enough of the baby talk... here are some photos of our Chinese New Year 2014! These were only taken a few days ago, and I know, my baby bump hasn't started showing prominently yet. It was the same with Shayne too, my bump only started to really show around 7 months during the last trimester. I guess it might be the same with this baby boy too. :D

Shayne was getting annoyed at this point of time, he kept telling us to stop taking photos. Haha.

2 Good Luck Auspicious baskets made by my MIL
Love this boy so much <333

Very happy Shayne, all ready to visit our relatives!
Shayne and my MIL!

Hahahaha that cheeky grin.

Exchanging oranges for good luck // A traditional way of acknowledging each other during Chinese New Year.

Mother and Son :))

Silly crazy son. LOL!

Digging into the CNY snacks and goodies.. yum yum yum.

Soon to be BIG BROTHER! :)))

Exchanging oranges with grandma-in-law :D

Mother and daughter :))
Shayne and his one and only Uncle. Haha.

Family photo with the in-laws!

And that's the end of Part 1! I'll upload more CNY photos soon. And I may upload our Australia holiday trip (Nov 2013) photos soon too. It was a fun-filled holiday trip and we had a blast at MovieWorld, it was our favourite tourist attraction. I was actually 6-8 weeks pregnant at that time and thankfully, my nausea wasn't that bad, I even managed to sit on a couple of roller-coasters! Luckily my nausea only got worse when we returned from Australia. Ok I got to go now, I'll upload the remaining Chinese New Year photos soon, ciao. :)

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