Sunday, February 9, 2014


Shayne attended his friend's birthday party yesterday and it wasn't any ordinary birthday party.. .

All the children, including Shayne, had so much fun and they really enjoyed themselves. Inititally, before the party started, some boys started running around Macdonalds and played catching with each other. Hahaha, it was quite a chaotic scene. However after 10-15 minutes, everyone calmed down and the lady-in-charge started playing some fun games with them. :D 

Shayne and his friend/ birthday boy.

Shayne's good friend :)

So many boys. At this point of time, the lady-in-charge was getting angry because nobody was listening to her and she shouted at them. Hence the shocked look on their faces. Hahaha.
All calmed down...
No idea what's happening between Shayne and his friend :/

1, 2, 3, say cheese!

Playing games together


Singing birthday song for the birthday boy :)
Too many photos were being taken by the parents, the children just wanted to play and eat again. Haha.
Thanks for the birthday party Zen! Shayne had a blast and it was the highlight of his weekend. :) I'm so happy that Shayne has so many close friends, I guess every parent feels happy when they see their babies being so happy with their friends. :)

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