Monday, March 10, 2014

Feeling Artsy On a Sunday! (Preggy in 2014 vs 2008)

We headed to the Singapore Arts Museum (aka SAM) and Singapore National Museum last Sunday. It has been quite some time since we toured around Singapore, and Shayne enjoyed himself! He would say "Wahhhh" whenever we stepped into the museum and stare into the high ceiling. Haha.

The last time we went to the museum was 6 years ago (2008; before Shayne was born) and again, I took a photo with the same big old camera!!! :D :D

Now (2014) Preggy with baby #2 ;)
Then (2008) Preggy with baby #1 Shayne ;))
Hahahaha! It was quite a cheap thrill for me, to be able to take a photo with the same camera, while I'm pregnant with babyboy #2 now and was pregnant with babyboy #1 (Shayne). Maybe I should develop and print these 2 photos... :D

Anyways here are the rest of the photos from our day at the 2 museums. Enjoy!

1)Singapore Arts Museum (SAM)

Running away from me :(( 

Getting excited over a poster. :D

Hahaha I love this picture! So funny and cute to see all of the grass-cutters standing like this. They must have felt pretty cool while posing. ;)

5 pictures of the white bunny. Again, so funny and cute!

Notice the different white labels/titles on the right side?
The titles are actually written by the public! Pretty interesting, right? ;)
So both Papa and Shayne decided to join in the fun. Here they are thinking of a title...
Finally, they thought of one!

Papa's title for the above picture. Someone actually wrote "Sec4 O-level Art Fail". LOL!!!!! (Shayne also wrote his own title for another painting, but I forgot to snap a photo of it...)
There were several other gruesome and disturbing paintings like the one above in the gallery. Eeeks.
On our way to the Singapore National Museum!
My Sonshine :))

2) Singapore National Museum

Haha Papa's S-posture

A family photo which turned out not so great. -__-

Listening to some oldies, and a few were pretty good!

The food gallery! Showcasing some of Singapore's local delights.

And this gallery was quite freaky, there were so many photos of deceased families. Eeeks.
Shayne and I kept debating if this was real or not, as it was not stated in the gallery. It seems real, right? :o 

An old studio camera.

Hahahaha! He insisted on posing like a gentleman, hence his awkward-hands-on-knees pose.
My loves <3

"Look, you're on camera!"

Time to leave the museum...
Byebye Museum! Shayne was really happy that day :D
Last but not least, here's a photo of my recent baby bump! :)

/ps: on a sidenote, totally unrelated to this museum post, I do hope that the authorities are able to find the missing Malaysian airplane soon. I can't imagine what the families of the missing passengers must be going through now, it must be so traumatizing and heart-wrenching for them. May God bless and protect them all...


  1. Aw, it's been far too long since I've visited your site! Congrats on baby #2!!!!
    And what a fun place to go exploring :)
    xo TJ


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