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Here are some questions I've received from the past few weeks and thought it'd be nice to share with on our blog! :)

How far along are you? 6 months++ (reaching my last trimester in a few days time!)

Boy or girl? BOY!

Do you have any names? Ermm, we're still figuring this out. I want baby boy #2 to have a name with a good strong meaning, just like his elder brother. (Shayne means "God is Gracious" while Shayne's second middle name means "Spear Strength; Strong Defender".) However, Shayne has a nickname for his brother, he calls him "Robbie". :D

How are you feeling? Actually, I feel fine and good! Sometimes I feel kinda heavy but that only happens at night, when I'm tired. I suffered from slight nausea during the first few weeks of pregnancy and thank God that went away during my 2nd trimester.

Can you feel him? Of course! He's kicking more often now, and I always imagine that he's dancing or practising his kungfu moves in my womb. Ha! 

You're still so small! Haha, I only look small in certain clothing! Especially when I'm wearing a loose top. I can definitely see the bump when I'm wearing a form-fitting dress or top, and honestly, I love having a baby bump!

Have you gained any weight? (an insensitive qn frequently asked by family and friends) No, my weight is still the same before I was pregnant and now, which is about 50kg. Which is really strange because baby boy is growing well (and "quite big" according to our gynae). So I really hope that I can put on some weight soon.

Do you have any stretchmarks? (another insensitive qn which is frequently asked) Again no...I didn't have any stretchmarks when I had Shayne, and I don't have any now. Stretchmarks are actually hereditary and my mother and grandmother (who has 8 children!) doesn't have any stretchmarks. So I guess I'm pretty lucky in this area.

Are you sleeping okay? Yes! I suffered from insomnia last month, but for now I'm all good. Baby boy is sleeping well, and I'm also sleeping well at night. :)

Do you have any food cravings now? Ermm actually no. I still eat the same as I did before I was pregnant. No changes in my diet, no cravings at all. And I don't get turn off by any food. 

What do you miss about your non-pregnant days? Actually nothing at all. We had waited so long for baby boy #2 and I'd rather be enjoying my pregnancy now, than reminiscing on my non-pregnant days. I'm creating a miracle inside of me, and wouldn't trade that for anything in the world! :)

Do you enjoy being pregnant: a big YES!

Are you ready to give birth? Honestly speaking, 50% yes and 50% no. But I will be more mentally and physically prepared when THE DAY is approaching! Fingers crossed that everything will turn out smoothly! I'm hoping for a natural drug-free birth which I had with Shayne, but am prepared for any unexpected turn of events which will lead to a c-section or emergency intervention. All I want is for baby boy to be born safe and healthy. <3

And to end this post, here are some photos of Shayne and me! What's a post without a couple of photos, right? ;D

Shayne, a few months old :)
That's me on the left when I was about 3 or 4 years old, and Shayne on the right!
Selfie with my cheeky boy and I. This was taken @ Hongkong a few days ago, which was about 12 degrees celsius at that time. 

A quick selfie taken at our hotel room @ Hongkong before we headed out. ;)
Baby bump photo! This was taken during the 1st week of March <3
Baby bump photo again! This was taken last night <3
My little prince with his fashionable scarf ! ( Shayne @ 2 months )
One of Shayne's art painting pieces. This is his basket of apple, banana and grapes. :) 
At the cable-car cabin ride @ Hongkong (more photos of that can be found here.)
My sweetheart sleeping peacefully on a morning. (at our hotel room @ Hongkong)
HAHAHAHA! A very unglam photo of Shayne and me early in the morning, taken by Papa. Look we're sleeping in the same position! ;)

Last but not least, a quick selfie taken last night! Hee. I just had to snapped a photo of myself with my recently dyed red hair before it turns brown... You know how red hair don't really lasts long, they turn brown in about a month's time. :( Anyways I'll upload the remaining photos of us at Hongkong soon. Byee and good night!

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