Monday, March 17, 2014

What We Did In Hongkong Part 1! (our 2014 family holiday)

The three of us had a short 3 days, 2 nights holiday at Hongkong and although this is the 3rd time we've been there, we still enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! We headed to the attractions that we've never been before, such as the Chinese temples (including the famous Big Buddha Temple up a mountain), took the crystal clear cable car ride (we could actually look down and see the trees, mountains and sea!!), went shopping, had good food etc etc. We ate at Tim Ho Wan twice and the food was soooo good! Surprisingly, even Shayne loved the food! He's definitely a western-food-only-kid, so we were (very) pleasantly surprised when he actually enjoyed the kueh from Tim Ho Wan. Definitely the best dim sum in Asia, or maybe even the world. ;)

Nonetheless here are some photos of our Hongkong trip. We ate, ate and ate, and shopped a little that day.

1) DAY 1

Waiting for our lunch at a cafe :D
Flashback photo to Thursday night: Exploring Changi Airport while waiting to board the plane.
"Look, that's our plane!"

After a 4 hours flight journey, we finally reached HONGKONG! YAYYYY!! :)))
He brought his bath sponge-bear with him everywhere. I know, its eyes and ear are gone. :(
In the hongkong airport-express train service. We usually take public transport in HK as it's really efficient, fast and convenient. *two thumbs up* btw that's Shayne explaining to his Papa about the MTR train system. Haha.

Snacking and exploring our surroundings

We met up with Papa's good friend who's staying in HK now and he took this photo of us. :) 
That face -__-"""

Childhood friends. Aawwww #friendsforever #bromance :D :D

Walking and walking...
Shayne bought this ice-cream toy and pretended to be an ice-cream seller for the next few hours. Haha.
Bird nest in coconut milk. So delicious and supposedly good for skin too! ;)
 Hot sweet dessert- consisted of apples, leaves and nuts.
Hongkong @ night! (sorry for the grainy photo, we only brought our small digital camera and not our DSLR for this trip. Hee.)

The ferry is actually much much bigger in real life. All the passengers who alighted from the ship looked so happy and were smiling from ear to ear to themselves. Haha, really I'm not exaggerating.
With Papa's other good childhood friend. He has so many friends living everywhere in the world...Hongkong, Australia etc. I only have friends living here in Singapore. Lol. :/
1, 2, 3, Smile!
Smiling with my happy boy again! Love <3
Cheeky Shayne #1
Cheeky Shayne #2
Okayyy last but not least, a selfie of myself taken on that day!!! Hahahahaha so vain and random. Ok and that's the end of this Hongkong part 1 post, I'll upload the rest (photos of the Chinese temples, Big Buddha, clear cable car ride, fooood!! etc) tomorrow or another day. Hopefully soon. We only had 2-3 hours of sleep last night as our return flight was 4am. I'm so sleepy now, good night!

/ps: photos of our 2013 Disneyland trip @ Hongkong can be found here and here! :)

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