Friday, April 25, 2014


Last Wednesday, we had our monthly gynae appointment and saw our babyboy #2 in 3d for the first time! We usually try to bring Shayne for the monthly gynae appointments so that he may feel a little closer to his brother. :)

After the gynae appointment, we headed to Jurong's The Rink! Shayne was so excited to ice-skate as it was his first time, and he always wanted to try ice-skating after we watched the recent Disney on Ice performance last month. I can't skate now as I'm pregnant, and so I hanged out at a dining cafe which was just beside the ice-skating rink. I snapped photos of the both of them, surfed the net and read some articles on my handphone. It was a perfect Wednesday afternoon. :)

Fun Fact: Do you know that The Rink is the first and only Olympic-size ice rink in the country? And there's a 460 seat gallery beside it too!

Hello there!

Heading towards the iceskating rink!
Holding on tightly to his Papa :D

The penguin is used for beginners and it's an aid for them to learn how to skate. It was really useful for Shayne!

Teaching Shayne how to ice-skate. As it was only 12+pm, the ice rink was quite empty at that time. It's usually much more crowded during the weekends...

Love <3

Here's Shayne trying to ice-skate all by himself (with the penguin)...
And hooray! He does it! :)

Happy Papa :D

Happy Shayne :)
Ice-skating all by himself.... Hopefully he'll be able to ice-skate without the penguin the next time. ;)

After a few hours, we left the ice rink and headed back home...
A happy preggy mummy! Haha. These photos were candid impromptu shots taken by Papa, I was actually smiling and posing beside a rubbish chute.  -_- Oh and the cheerful orange handbag was a birthday present from Papa dearest!! He really does know me very well, I love bright cheerful colours for my handbags. :)
Hahahaha! So horrible but funny.
Again, another impromptu photo taken by his Papa.
HAHAHAHAHAA!!!! I have no idea what's going on too. While I was looking at this crazy photo of myself, Shayne kept laughing non-stop and he told me to insert the words "WAAAHHHH!!" inside my mouth, hence the words. LOL!!! Have a happy weekend!

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