Thursday, April 24, 2014



HAHAHAHAHA check out my son's crazy excited smile. This photo cracks me up all the time whenever I view it in my handphone's picture gallery. Hahaha, love this silly boy of mine. <3

My younger sister and I!

Dinner with my aunt's family // Celebrating her birthday (and that's her son btw. Lol.)

HAHAHAHA Guess I was laughing at something really funny. And my cousin on the right looks disgusted by my sudden outburst. Hahahaha :D

Ice-skating with his Papa! (These photos were taken really far away from the ice-rink, hence the poor grainy effect. I'll upload more photos of their ice-skating experience soon...)

Shayne was about to fall down when I snapped this photo. Lol.

Celebrating another birthday with my beloved good friends!! <3

Reading up about Montessori education as Papa and I are planning to set up a Montessori Kindergarten pretty soon. We have so much planning to do (marketing plans, operational plans, financial plans etc etc) and I can't wait for everything to be finalized. We actually got into some heated arguments with each other over this, and our plans were almost crushed due to some issues with the authorities. But we'll never take "No" for answer, and so we kept pushing on and surprisingly, we received a positive response and were given the green light! :D We're excited for our new business venture, and at the same time, we still have to ensure that we spend enough time in our current business and not neglect it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan and turns out well! I just hope that the authorities don't change their minds and say "No" again... I'll be devastated if that happens.
Nonetheless, I'll (try to) update this blog more often, especially with my pregnancy progress soon. We visited the gynae today and baby boy is developing well. Yay! We only got about 8 more weeks till we see baby boy #2 and we're so so excited! :)

23/4/2014: Last trimester! #maternityootd #happymummy

Baby boy <3 I'm so in love with his cute chubby cheeks, pouty lips and small little chin! And he kept covering his face with his small little hand throughout the entire 3d scan, he's a shy little one. Haha. Mummy, Daddy and your brother Shayne, love you so so much!! We can't wait to meet you! :)

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  1. I know you're getting excited about your tiny new family member...such an exciting time! Those 3D images are amazing!


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