Thursday, April 3, 2014


A quick snap of my baby bump (approaching 7 months). We can't wait to meet our little mister!
A silly selfie with the crazy Papa and me just before the movie, Mr Peabody and Sherman! Can you spot sneaky Shayne? ;)

So much love for the both of them <333

Shayne making an elephant clay // a DIY clay session for kids

Happy Shayne and his newly-made clay elephant!

Fell asleep at a Hongkong café...Haha,.

The view from our hotel room in Hongkong :)

HAHAHAHA! Obviously he didn't say that, I just added that caption for fun. His Papa was actually adjusting his sleeve.

Last Sunday night // Dinner with Papa and his friends :)

HAHAHAHA I just had to add this photo again (without the edited frame). He always makes this funny face!!! #crazypapa

Shayne pretending to be a scary monster Part 1 (to match the "Haunt" poster beside us). #crazyson #likefatherlikeson
Shayne pretending to be a scary monster Part 2. Haha love my crazy boy!!!

Many photos of Papa and Shayne playing snooker together. Shayne was really learning attentively from his Papa during the entire time.

Look at my son's intense facial expression. #soserious

Trying to play snooker all by himself. The stick was rather heavy for him and it kept wobbling. Haha.

Here's Papa teaching Math problem sums to Shayne. We try to teach and guide Shayne a few pages every day from various assessment books, and so far, Shayne has been a good and studious pupil! (but sometimes he does get distracted by all his wild imagination and starts telling us stories based on the problem sums... haha)
Making volcanoes!!! DIY style ;) just add vinegar and baking powder, and you're good to go!

Happy Shayne, playing with his self-made mini dinosaurs. Haha. He made these after watching Jurassic Park.

Last but not least, here's me trying on my geeky glasses and pink lipstick!!! Hahaha. I was feeling so bored and pregnant at that time, which led to these 2 photos. Anyways our laptop is officially spoilt, so I'm doing this post from another laptop, and I'm soooo not used to it. I clicked on something, which made the screen become bigger and oh my goshhh, my fonts are like 30+ to me right now (although I think it's the standard 12 size). Ok enough of this nonsense, good night!! ;)

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