Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A HAPPY WEEKEND AT THE SG ZOO! (Little cousins' outing)

Last Sunday, while I was resting at home with my expanding baby bump, Papa and Shayne headed to the Singapore Zoo for an outing organised by Papa's sister! Although I wasn't there, I'm pretty sure they had a good time as seen from the photos taken by Papa! ;D Thankfully, it didn't rain that day. And here are the photos :

An edited selfie of Papa and Shayne! Hahahaa :D

Excited Shayne!! This is his 3rd or 4th time going to the zoo, and according to Papa, Shayne still remembers most of the exhibitions and animals shows. Haha.
Papa sister's hubby aka our brother-in-law, and their cute chubby cheeks baby girl!
Happy fathers and camera-shy kids :D
Shayne and his disappearing feet??? o.O
Papa's pretty sister!

Looking at the polar bear. And the guy wearing the sunglasses is so camera-ready for Papa. LOL.
Hahaha I love this mother-and-daughter photo! Both of them have the same facial expression, so funny and cute.

"What are you staring at?"
Papa's sister and her good friend. (check out the elephant's buttocks. Woohooo)
Waiting for the elephant show to begin

Someone is getting cheeky and restless :D
Do Re Mi!
Selfie of Shayne and Papa? (or rather, Papa's lips. Lol.)
Chubby baby cheeks!!!!!!
Hello Baby Girl!!!!!
I hope our baby #2 will have long dark eyelashes like Shayne's.... :)
The elephant show! Papa and Shayne said it was good and they enjoyed the performance. :)
My handsome man snapping a selfie of himself! Hahaha ;)
I guess Papa was feeling artistic and decided to take a photo of the sky? Hmmm....
Edited photos of the guys and the camera-shy kids!
Mama and Baby :)

I have no idea why Shayne's eyes are blue here... Hmmm o.O
And that's the end of this Zoo post. I can't wait for Shayne to tell his baby brother all about the Zoo when we visit it in the future together. Actually, I just can't wait for Shayne to tell his baby brother all about the world when he's born. 1 more month to go till baby boy is in our arms! Yippiee! :)))

/ps: More photos of Shayne when he was 3 years old at the zoo, and photos of him when he was 2 years old at the zoo. Oh he was so small and adorable back then... such good memories. :)

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