Thursday, May 8, 2014


Posing behind a small cardboard HK bus and houses. So cool and interesting!

No idea why Shayne decided to "smile" this way, with his eyes closed. :/
Posing with little cardboard shophouses! So cute.

View from The Peak // Stunning bright city lights of Hongkong...

Some locals actually stay right on the mountain top and (if I'm not wrong) a small little condo unit actually costs S$10million.
Can you spot the building that was featured in Mission Impossible 3? ;)

Inside a train

Housing flats in Hongkong

At a Hello Kitty train exhibition in a shopping mall

Shayne and his fellow passenger :D
Haha the way Shayne was standing on the escalator cracks me up.

#ootd 1

#ootd 2

Leaving the hotel and heading towards the airport..
My younger traveller and I, at the airport :)
Funny Shayne #1
Funny Shayne #2
In the aeroplane, bye bye hongkong!
/ps: These photos were actually captured during Sept last year, but I've just discovered them on our laptop last night. Haha. Anyways more photos of our hongkong trip can be found on the left-side panel, under "favourite topics". Enjoy!

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