Monday, May 12, 2014


Laughing at a Spongebob Squarepants cartoon show. It's his favourite cartoon show now :D
Reading a pregnancy and childbirth book on a lazy afternoon.

Playing with his little toys on a Saturday afternoon :)

DIY art craft: Making a little 2 storey house!
His 2 storey house!

Playing with his ice-cream toys
Reading with his Papa

"Exercising" together! :D
Doing some addition and subtraction sums with his Papa aka THE best maths tutor.

We have a few cloth baby books for babyboy to play/read when he's here, but Shayne has started reading all of them and he loves them! There are interactive little puppets in the books too. So fun and interesting :)
Putting on the button ;)

One of Shayne's cute shoes. I love buying such cartoon-ish shoes for him. Hahaha :D

Playing the piano on a Saturday morning :/
With my 2 babies! Inside of me, and another beside me ;)
Smiling and laughing with my husband, father of my 2 sons, business partner and best friend! :D :D

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