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I was recently invited to Eu Yan Seng's Power Up! campaign event and was introduced to their latest Power Up! Chicken Essence series for kids. Truth be told, I was impressed by the different ingredients used for each type of chicken essence and most importantly, every bottle is 100% free from caramel colouring, added flavouring or salt, preservatives, sugar, fat and cholesterol! It is also safe for all kids and is free of any stimulants or caffeine (which is a huge factor for parents like me who has such an active kid.. haha).

Furthermore, the Power Up! Chicken Essence series has recently been voted "Best in Natural Health Tonic 2014" by Parents World magazine, and is Singapore's first and only Essence of Chicken formulated for children that is caramel-free! :)

There are 3 different types of chicken essence :
1) "Power Up! Concentration" which aims to boost mental power, improve concentration and promote growth.

2) "Power Up! Vision" which is packed with health benefits of Wolfberries, Beiqi and Baihe extract and gives your child improved vision, better sleep quality and stronger metal clarity.

3) "Power Up! Appetite" which livens up the child's palate with Dangshen, Huaishan and Fuling extract, and improves appetite and soothes digestion.
The benefits of Power Up! Chicken Essence are mainly two-fold, namely convenience and the benefits of the best quality herbs. For children, the proteins in Power Up! are more readily absorbed and easily digestible than eating chicken. Moreover, the Power Up! Chicken Essence is packed with high quality proteins made with 100% premium-grade Essence of Chicken. Hence this specially formulated Power Up! Chicken Essence series are best given to kids who are active, have multiple food allergies or are picky eaters who may suffer from a lack of nourishment.

Additionally, parents are assured of the highest quality of TCM herbs that are verified by Eu Yan Sang's herb fingerprinting process. As we all know, Eu Yan Sang is a pioneer leading brand in the health and wellness space, with an established reputation in TCM. All of its products, including this latest Power Up! series, are quality-controlled and made from the finest quality of Chinese herbs.

Nonetheless, here are some fun photos taken during the campaign event on that day!

Super adorable Power Up! mascot :D
Just 2 of the several ingredients used for the "POWER UP! Vision" chicken essence. Fun fact: Did you know that Wolfberries contain 18 amino acids, 21 minerals, glyconutrients, has the highest concentration of protein of any fruit, and has 15x the amount of iron found in spinach? In a nutshell, it's super nutritious and a "must-give" to all kids!
That's me and a few other ladies who are writers from various magazines and websites. We interacted and worked together during our short game! It's great meeting new people. :)
And we actually came in first! Yippie! ;D ( That's my ootd with a 8 months baby bump.. hee)

Eu Yan Sang's Power Up! Chicken Essence series for kids :)

Some nutritious TCM facts of the different ingredients found in the Chicken Essence series. Beiqi: helps to strengthen resistance and promotes growth of new tissues and sleep. Baihe: helps to alleviate respiratory conditions such as coughs and dryness in throat. Dangshen: used to boost strength, increases stamina and alertness, strengthens the immune system, aids recovering from serious illnesses, and stimulates the appetite. It is also an inexpensive and effective substitute to Ginseng! Huaishen: helps to invigorate the spleen, lifts energy around the stomach area, improves children's appetite and strengthens digestion. Fuling: well-known for correcting problems related to the digestive systems such as diarrhoea, constipation and acidity.

Some impressive facts about Eu Yan Sang International Ltd!
I was given several bottles of the Power Up! Chicken Essence for Shayne to try and surprisingly, he liked all of them!!! Yippie! I was really surprised as he's such a fussy-eater and I thought he would spit it out after drinking. Haha. But he was such a trooper and drank the entire bottle like a champ! We gave him a bottle a day, and he loved it. :)

Drinking the "Power Up! Appetite" Chicken Essence.
We even used it as a "special sauce" (which Shayne calls it) for some of our cooked meals!

Chopped garlic, vegetables and "The Special Sauce" :D
We only added the Chicken Essence at the last minute after the vegetables were cooked, to prevent the Chicken Essence from drying out or losing its nutrients.

Another photo taken from another day. Shayne, my little chef.  :)

Stir-fried cooked vegetables, with added Power Up! Chicken Essence.
The Power Up! Chicken Essence can be drank on its own, warm or chilled, or mixed with fruits/foods that are raw or cooked. For example, it can be used in herbal chicken soups, chicken dishes, herbal drinks or fruit juices.

Happy Spidey-Shayne with his finished Power Up! Chicken Essence bottle. :)

And that's the end of this Eu Yan Sang's Power Up! post. The 3 different types of Power Up! chicken essence for kids can be bought in all Eu Yan Sang stores or from their online website. Be sure to check/try them out, especially if you have active kids, fussy-eaters or just want to provide more nourishment for your kids in a wholesome and healthy way! :)

(Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Eu Yan Sang. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are of my own and Shayne's. Thanks for checking them out!)

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