Tuesday, June 3, 2014


We had an impromptu family outing two weeks ago, and decided to head to the national library and shopping mall as it was a pretty hot day. We chanced upon a shop that sold some great fries and potato skins, and oh my gosh, it was pure heaven!!! It was definitely one of the best fries and potato skins we've eaten in a long time, and typing about it now just makes me want to visit the shop immediately. Yummy friesss.... Anyways, here are the photos from that day. Enjoy!

Papa and Shayne <3

Cute origami
Super Mario made of 100% cardboard
Playing with the interactive virtual game. Every now and then, a figure will pop up and you'll have to press it to solve a recycling question. It was actually pretty cool and fun. ;D
And sadly, these 2 are the only photos I have of myself taken during that day. Haha, oh well.
Hello there, Mister. ;)

Snapshots taken from a very cool Marvel comic book.
HAHAHA! Never mess with a lady. (Anyways I think that's a lady beside Spiderman? Hmm I could be wrong.)
Papa loves Shayne <3 (it was an impromptu hug and I'm glad that I've captured it. :))

Visiting the arcade!

Excited Shayne pointing to the sweets and both of them really did try their best to get some, but unfortunately, they got nothing. :/
Playing a few more arcade games, and then we decided to grab some snacks!

BEST. POTATO. SKINS. EVER. (I need some nowwww)
We then decided to have some "healthy" food/fried beans. It was good too! (but nowhere as delicious as the fries and cheesy potato skins.)
So much love for this boy :))
And that's the end of this post! I'll try to update this blog of ours more often, but it's kinda difficult when you're 35 weeks pregnant.. :( Speaking of which, it will be just a few more weeks till we meet baby boy!!! Time flies so quickly. I hope I'm prepared for childbirth (I better be! Lol.) and life with 2 boys/kids. I know it's probably going to be chaotic time, but I'm still so excited. And happy, and grateful for having a family to call my own and love. :)

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