Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Flashback entry: Here are some photos of Shayne's 2013 year-end performance. All of the kids looked so adorable in their little costumes and colourful make-up, and each one of them danced extremely well! It's amazing to see how the little kids could actually memorise every, single, dance step and execute them so well. Needless to say, all the parents were very happy (including me!) and there were loud cheers and claps after the end of each performance. The kids actually had to be in school by 730am to get ready, and they didn't even rest until 1pm. After the performance, Shayne told me that they had to rehearse on stage twice before the actual performance and he didn't even complain about how tired he was. He was smiling from ear to ear, and you could see that he was really proud of himself for performing on stage.  It was really impressive to see how much energy and enthusiasm these children had, definitely a proud parenting moment for all of us parents who attended the performance. :))

Okay so here are some photos of that wonderful afternoon. Enjoy!

Waiting for the performance to begin... (11am)

The funny emcees of the day. One of them is a teacher, while the other is the school's principal. :D

Saying their "Thank You" speeches.
Shaking their little booties! ;)

Cute sparkly costumes and little poms-poms.
Ahoy! Cute little sailors! :D
The most "happening" performance of the afternoon: A robot dance by the 6 year olds. The bass of the robotic techno song was blasting really loudly and the kids were doing a robotic dance according to the beat. At some point, the boys started to beat the drums and you could see that they were enjoying themselves thoroughly. They were grinning from ear to ear while beating the small drums. The performance was really really cool. ;)

Shaking their shoulders according to the beat.

Another dance performance by another class.
And finally, it was Shayne's turn!!! Can you spot Shayne? ;) (Ok I've actually drew a small white arrow pointing to him. Haha.)
Some blurry photos of him and his friends singing and dancing. These are actually snapshots from the video as I video-recorded his entire performance and didn't take any photos of it..

Singing in Mandarin (not an easy feat!)
Soon, it was the end of the performance and all the little dancers and their teachers gathered on stage to bid farewell to everyone. (I think Shayne saw us and was pointing to us! Haha)
My little singer/dancer and his fellow schoolmates.
1pm, and that's a wrap!
So proud of my son!!! <3

My (distracted) son and I :)

Shayne and my uncle :D
Family photo! (I should print this and have it framed on our wall...)

Papa and Shayne // My sweethearts <3
Thank you Shayne, for the wonderful performance and joy that you've given to your Papa and me. We love you so so much!

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