Wednesday, June 25, 2014


baby bumpbaby bump

baby bumpbaby bump

sweet child
Shayne and his durian ice-cream ;)

A tree filled with mangoes near our house!

Shayne loves to make different things using his playdoh and these are some of his colourful cute creations!
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? ;)

Painting at 11pm as he couldn't fall asleep that night.

"A happy broccoli" according to Shayne :)

Last but not least, a silly photo of me snapped by Papa and a photo of our happy calm Shayne which was taken last Sunday when we were locked inside the bedroom as the door couldn't be opened. Thank God I had a boy who didn't panic at all and was instead, really calm and happy by the unfortunate incident. Haha, love this kid so much! We have a couple more days till babyboy is born, and I'll try to update this blog of ours before that day arrives. I know I've said this countless times - I can't wait to meet our babyboy!!!! :)

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