Monday, July 28, 2014


Baby Nathan at 2 weeks old:

1. He loves to cuddle and he'll give a slight smile whenever someone kisses his cheeks repeatedly.

2. He can cry really loudly when he's upset and gives the saddest little face, which is actually quite adorable. Haha.

3. He gives the cutest baby sigh after he lets out a big yawn.

4. He loves to stare at people intensely when he's awake and seems to be thinking really hard at the same time too. I always wonder what is he thinking about. Hmm...

5. Last but not least, I've been co-sleeping with him every night and to be honest, it is very tiring to nurse him so frequently. But to know that he's growing up healthily and becoming a strong boy all because of me is a pretty amazing feeling. ;)

HAPPY 2 WEEKS NATHAN! Your big brother, Papa and I love you so much. :)


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