Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Last Sunday, we decided to head out to Marina Bay for some fresh air and sight-seeing as we were getting tired of staying indoors all day long. It was the first time that baby Nathan was outside, but he was asleep the entire time. Haha, our sleepy baby.

And here are the photos!

Just me and my baby... and a statue. ;)
With my 2 boys!
A family photo of the 4 of us :)
After a few minutes of walking, Shayne hid behind me and kept saying that he was terrified of all the tall buildings around him. He even said several times,"My heart cannot take it, it is going to burst!!" And he clutched his fist onto his chest with a dramatic facial expression. Hahaha

Papa and Shayne
Soon, we decided to grab a drink and bite at Starbucks.

My cuddly little munchkin <3
My bigger munchkin :D
Pretending to be a fierce soldier. Grrrr!!!
Smiling in front of the Marina Bay Sands with my sleeping baby. I can't wait to have a staycation with my family at that hotel one day! ;)
Posing and smiling like we're tourists. Hahaha

Candid photo #1: Shayne was getting tired from all the walking...
Candid photo #2: I was complaining that the weather was getting humid, and Shayne was pretending to be a soldier. Again. Haha this boy. #reallifemoment #nooneissmiling

A man always looks best with a baby in his arms, right ladies? ;)

And it was time for us to return back home.... btw that's my mum holding Shayne's hand. She joined us for our Sunday's outing and she said that it has been 10 years since she has been to the Marina Bay area. 10 years! o.O Needless to say, she was really happy that day. :)

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