Saturday, August 23, 2014

Our Happy Moments, in 20 photos!

The cutest "Little Brother" onesie, which I bought online when I first found out that I was having a babyboy :)
Chubby little curled feet and toes

Relaxing on his rocking chair, and smiling at the toys above him :)
Shayne and his carrot soft toy, which is one of his favourites

Preparing for an intense battle!
Colourful balloons from baby Nathan's first month celebration, which I can't bear to throw away yet...

A rat beside baby Nathan, which was placed by his brother. "The rat will accompany him and make him feel safe." as said by Shayne ;D
Doing some virtual colouring as he couldn't sleep that night

Hongkong, March 2014 // When I was about 5+ months pregnant with baby Nathan :)
BrightMinds Calender- one of our tutorial centre's personalised items
Can't wait to buy a couple of delicious mooncakes soon ;)
And Brotherhood #5 will be up tomorrow or the day after. Have a good weekend!

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