Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Flashback to 13th July 2014:

Delivering my 4kg baby Nathan via normal birth was an incredible experience, to say the least. This is the second natural childbirth I've gone through, and surprisingly, it's 10x more challenging (and painful) than delivering my first son, Shayne. I won't go into the gory birth details as I intend to keep my sons' childbirth stories as our own personal stories which I'll share with them as they grow older. (that is if they want to hear about it in the first place, haha.)

Most importantly, I can never thank my husband enough for his love, support and encouragement. Without him by my side, I wouldn't have the strength and determination to endure the entire birthing process of our son.

It will be 3 more hours till my baby boy turns a month old. There have been hard and frustrating times during these 30 days, but amidst the challenges, there have been shining moments of joy and happiness.

Nathan's babyhood is definitely one of the best memories of my life.. Just like how Shayne's babyhood is one of the best memories too. Time is passing by so quickly, and sometimes, I just want to pause time and savour each precious moment before it fades away. It's amazing how motherhood changes you as a person and allows you to love another human being much more than yourself...

13th July 2014 will forever hold a special place in my heart; it's the day we welcomed our second baby and became a family of four. 


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