Sunday, August 17, 2014

SAY WHAT?! (Funny conversations with my son)

I just have to write down these funny conversations with Shayne before I forget all about them. ;D

So this afternoon, while Shayne was in the master bedroom's toilet, I was playing with baby Nathan on the bed. Suddenly, Nathan vomitted some milk on the bed (which is very common among newborns) and I exclaimed,"Aah! Baby, you just vomitted!" and guess what Shayne said...

He immediately said,"Did he vomit because my motion is too smelly??? I'm so sorry baby!!!"


After Shayne had washed up, he asked me how many times should we brush our teeth in a day. I told him "3 times". He then replied, "What?! 3 times only? I brush my teeth FOUR times a day, Mama. Are you so proud of me?" And he looked at me earnestly with a wide smile on his face. Haha! (and let me tell you a secret, I know he doesn't brush his teeth 4 times a day. Actually, I don't even brush my teeth 4 times a day...)

And after a few minutes, Shayne decided to show me a YouTube show from our ipad. He said,"Mama, do you want to watch a show? It's a cartoon show, but there's no cartoon."

Okayyy Shayne, I'll watch your cartoon, but not a cartoon, show. Haha ;)

Last but not least (I know, this post is rather lengthy!! I promise it's ending soon), Shayne asked me a philosophical question before I left home for work today. He asked rather casually,"Hmm Mama, are you happy with your life?" I answered,"Yes, of course. How about you?" And he shouted out excitedly, "YES!!! I'M SO HAPPY EVERYDAY!!!!!"

Hahaha. I love my kid so much. Have a happy Sunday!!

Shayne, at our tutorial centre BrightMinds Education :)

I can't wait for the day when I can have funny conversations with Nathan too. ;)


  1. my daughter loves youtube also, in fact my husband showed her the awesome video and now wants to watch it over and over.. lol.

    what an adorable question for him to ask you. it's amazing how their little minds work.

  2. Aw this is just too cute - love it Ax
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    Twitter: @littlemissalba


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